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Illustration of a child holding a tablet

What is

ICT Sandbox?

ICT Sandbox specialises in using educational concepts and applying a ‘real world’ context through video and age-appropriate content, accessible through sound, text and symbols.

Designed with both teachers and pupils in mind, ICT Sandbox can be teacher-led or facilitated, allowing pupils to work independently or in small groups,

in a secure digital environment.

Listed below are the 5 digital tools that ICT Sandbox offers and their objectives.

This is an image of the “Discussion” tool icon, one of ICT Sandbox’s 5 tools

Let me


 Secure Search






How Much

How Many




For Me




Dedicated Forum

Illustration of a symbol of let me discover. A magnifying glass inside a light blue circle

Let Me Discover

A search engine designed for young children

Illustration of a girl bending over and reaching for a jellyfish
gale li

“Let me Discover” is a secure, child-friendly search engine customised to enable children to independently extract age-appropriate information on topics such as: animals and their way of life; plants and how they grow; space and the solar system; holidays and festivals and many more topics.

The information is presented via video and sound, accompanied by text suitable for early readers. Let Me Discover empowers young children to ask questions and search for information while enhancing critical thinking skills required to retrieve this information.

This is a screenshot of ‘Let Me Discover’. The image shows a snapshot of the video demonstrating what  jellyfish look like
mail li
Illustration of "Email me" symbol. Mail envelope inside a yellow circle

Email Me

Electronic mail for young children

Illustration of a child holding a tablet

״E-mail Me״ is a secure electronic mail service that enables children to graphically communicate with a pre-approved (teacher and/or parent controlled), network of classmates, teachers and parents. This unique programme promotes non-verbal communication while developing written language literacy.



  • Encouraging familiarity with written text and other communication tools.

  • Imparting the elementary structure needed for communication, and rules for sending messages - addressor and addressee.

  • Imparting communication in a respectful and ethical way.

  • Promoting written language literacy and also symbol comprehension.

  • Acquiring customs and social skills such as sending holiday and birthday greetings, sending get-well wishes and updating classmates about missed lessons and school curriculum.

This is a screenshot of ‘Email me’ being used by a student. The email reads, “Hi, I wanted to tell you..” and includes heart, moon and circle emojis.
kama kama
Illustration of "how much, how many". Graph of columns inside a green circle

How Much How Many

Electronic spreadsheet for young children

Illustration of a curly girl holding a flower pot with a seedling with three leaves inside

"How Much, How Many" enables children to relate to day-to-day events by collecting and processing data such as, how many children came to school today? How much rainfall was there this week? This promotes scientific and technological education, mathematics and statistics in the child’s natural environment as well as allowing for a democratic concept.

This is a screenshot of the ‘How Much, How Many’ tool, which enables children to collect and process data.
An illustration of "write for me". Pencil inside a red circle
Write For Me

Word processor programme for young children

איור של ילדה מחזיקה עיפרון וכותבת

"Write For Me" allows the children to experiment with writing and printing messages, invitations, greeting cards, posters, labels and short stories.


  • Understanding the value and power of written messages used for personal and interpersonal needs as well as for public applications.

  • Promoting writing proficiency: familiarisation with basic writing rules of spacing, line usage and punctuation.

  • Creating awareness of how to use the computer for writing/typing.

This is a screenshot of ‘Write for me’, ICT Sandbox’s tool that allows children to experiment with writing and printing messages, invitations, greeting cards, posters, labels and short stories.
דיונון-13_Galeli copy 4.png

A secure forum for young children


"Discussion" enables the class teacher and pupils to conduct an on-line discussion about all kinds of issues/topics, in a polite and appropriate manner.


  • Imparting ways of conducting a teacher-pupil dialogue.

  • Familiarising pupils with rules for a respectful debate.

  • Fostering appropriate online communication behaviour, to provide relevant norms of honesty, politeness and respect.

  • Teaching tolerance for diversity of opinions, thereby promoting democratic education.

This is screenshot of the “Discussion” tool, which enables the class teacher and students to conduct an on-line discussion about a variety topics, in a polite and appropriate manner.
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